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Women and Men’s Health physiotherapy

With Abigail Chambers joining forces to grow Brightwell Physiotherapy one of the obvious blogs is our new strength.

Pelvic girdle pain has been a sub-speciality for years with Felicity Peach. She has treated men & women over the years.

Now we are proud to offer Abigail as an additional Musculoskeletal physiotherapists to assess, treat and manage a range of all conditions of pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain and conditions that require more specialist pelvic health physiotherapy such as prolapse, urinary dysfunction, obstetric anal sphincter injury and pelvic dysfunction. She is fully supported by specialist bodies.

Abigail plans to write regarding Women’s Health. Her pen is poised for a future blog.

Over the years I have helped many men & women talk about their worrying, embarrassing and sometimes crippling problems in a professional way, in an ideal private clinical setting, using the most up-to-date knowledge and tools that other expects share. With these facilities help can be given in an appropriate way for these people enabling them to return to a fuller more active lifestyle.

Recently a young professional, I will call him Richard, for confidentiality, followed the advice of a colleague and sort an appointment at Brightwell Physiotherapy with Felicity Peach.

Richard gave in complex history which had involved medical intervention in the previous few years for Leukaemia. At the time of presenting to the practice he was proud to be a cancer survivor getting back to his previous fitness levels.

As is typical of many people when recovering from a major problem, he had attempted to reach his pre leukaemia level of fitness very quickly. After all he was in his late twenties. Unfortunately his journey was hampered with pain in his prostate region, despite attending the gym and being active. Then a further problem occurred, during bent over rows, he had a severe back spasm which made his prostate pain worse and brought on more saddle pain.

Richard also mentioned that the previous sixth months had been very stressful. So regaining his ability to be active was crucial.

Richard was fully assessed by Felicity Peach. Carefully guided questions, and a high quality examination with expert clinical reasoning showed the origins of his debilitating symptom. There were clear signs to show where his pain was coming from. To his initial disbelief he began to understand that it was referring from spine. 

Richard attended for three sessions, and made great progress. After the first session he happily reported 70% improvement and continued to attend for two further sessions to be able to get back to running and cycling.

His symptoms has come from a small branch of a pelvic nerve. The Pudential nerve which arises from the spinal cord, exiting the spine at the lumbar and sacral foraminal exits. The pathway of this nerve is largely within the pelvis, 80% of its course is within the muscles. 

The results were very good and life changing for him.

So what started off being hugely embarrassing and worrying became easily treatable.

What are you waiting for? 

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By Felicity Peach

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