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Will moving make my back pain worse?

Another myth buster story.

FACT. Don’t fear twisting and bending- it’s essential to keep moving. Gradually increase how much you are doing, and stay on the go.

Have you ever as a child bandaged up a finger for half a day. I did as a curious 8yr old. Well the outcome was memorable, it really hurt, in a very new way, something I had never experienced before nothing like falling and grazing a knee. It took quite a while to get back to its original healthiness. Age was on my side. We lean’t further about the mechanism causing this, as an undergraduate at St. Mary’s Paddington and then again whilst studying the MSc. PAIN module at UCL. In fact in practice the theory is regularly revisited and up dated. The theory is truly dynamic. It’s fascinating, the body so clever yet sometimes it works against itself.

Physiotherapy can really help you understand what the problem is, and help guide you towards safe exercise, if you are unsure. Hands on treatment can help ease out relative areas of stiffness and release other tissues to rebalance those that are giving rise to pain. Other techniques can halt pain.

Gone are the days of 10 days of bedrest.

Modern medicine encourages us to all keep moving, to tackle the sedentary style full on and restore ourselves. After all it is said “sedentary lifestyle is the new smoking.”

What can be better than having a full holistic assessment of how you move, to help you turn over the new leaf. To keep you going on your journey back to a full health.

At Brightwell Physiotherapy, I can network to ask a large group of colleagues, any professional concerns you have. I have quick access to many specialities which can ease concerns or provide the much needed help and support. So Doctors and other professionals are on hand just like in Harley Street.

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