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Whiplash – it’s never too late to seek treatment for symptoms.

People often develop a whiplash injury after being involved in a road traffic accident although this is not the only cause of whiplash.

Not everyone who has whiplash is aware of their condition. According to the NIMD the symptoms of whiplash include:-

Neck pain

Neck stiffness

Injuries to the muscles and ligaments (Myofascial)



Burning or prickling (Parathesia) 

Shoulder or back pain

If you have any of these symptoms consider check in with your GP or directly with Brightwell Physiotherapy. (01491) 834622. We have good links to GP’s & Consultants.

For some road traffic accidents there is a system whereby they can seek fast track physio treatment. This is of great benefit in helping you get back to full health more quickly.

This case illustrates the situation perfectly. For confidentiality, with his permission here is his story. For this purpose he is called Jack. 

Jack works for a medium size drain clearance company. On his normal work journey travelling in a van with his colleagues. A person pulled from a junction and hit his van side on. A classic RTA.

Jack immediately noticed a odd head feeling, and some neck ache. Nothing too much.

Over the coming months, Jack struggled with increasing stiffness and increasing pain in his neck and back. He is 6ft tall and has a heavy manual job. Manoeuvering coils of drain rods and cameras from vans to the working sites. 

The GP and minor injuries cleared him of damage, offered first stage advise for whiplash, but this was of little help. Jack’s symptoms were increasing day by day. Jack was finding it difficult to perform his work duties. His boss was unsympathetic. The van crash was 2.5 months ago.

It was down to Jack to push for his treatment through an admin heavy system. 

Jack eventually succeeded and attended Brightwell Physiotherapy for a first assessment where his story was listened to and movements assessed, then an application for a course of treatment was made.  Thankfully the response was speedy.

Jack started his course of physiotherapy. At a time suitable for his colleague to drive him.

Over 6 foot tall Jack sat bolt upright, to an untrained eye, he seem to have a good posture

He was so stiff and in so much pain his spine could hardly be touched. Brightwell Physiotherapy has many techniques for this type of debilitating pain. 

After TENS, kinesiology taping and low grade pain relieving mobilisations. Specific personally guided exercises became the solution.

When lying on his tummy he couldn’t get back up. Imagine that when you are a tall 24-year-old man!

Further detail of Jack’s treatment is too much for now but it has been a great success, Jack is now working fully being active and looking after his little boy.

To be helped by the fast track medicolegal system and receive physiotherapy treatment has been a great solution to what was probably going to be a very debilitating and slow recovery.

Call Brightwell Physiotherapy today for help and guidance.


Written by Felicity Peach