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What is Sciatica? Can Physiotherapy help and treat it?

This is a very well used phrase, many of my patients think they have it, A lot of my patients really do and I’m pleased to say they are soon getting back to full health.

Sciatic is the name of the nerve that lies down the back of your leg. If irritated this nerve or any others can cause pain along part of or it’s entire length.

As the nerve come out from the spine it exists from a small space called the foramina, here the nerve can either be compressed or irritated.

A compressed nerve means that the messages to the muscles and skin are blocked and you may experience numbness or pins and needles. If the nerve is irritated, you will experience pain down the leg.

“I have a trapped nerve”

I hear you say – what can be done to help?

Therapy can really help, particularly physiotherapy with its balance of hands on treatment, exercise guidance, early stage strength & conditioning and continued support with mobilisation, acupuncture, kinesiology taping and all while you return to full health.

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