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“When I first arrived at hers’ I couldn’t ride my bike without my kneecap jumping painfully out of alignment on each pedal stroke and within 2-3 treatments she had settled the issue and I have worked with her ever since, … Last year I completed over 2000 miles on my bike! She works on you and with you to improve your knowledge, coping skills and adopt preventative measures; like starting up Pilates classes and later getting back into road cycling.”"
J Mole
“I have found Felicity’s skill and dedication to care more than matches, and in fact, well exceeds those of others in the same field. I recommend her unequivocally. “
F. L. Power
"As a newly qualified physiotherapist Felicity's support has been invaluable. Her experience, knowledge and dedication is excellent. She has helped me enormously with my clinical reasoning skills and has offered 1:1 help re specific clients and treatments. Felicity is a first class physiotherapist and mentor, would highly recommend her services."
Lizzie Clive
“When I was introduced to Felicity I’ve been promised a very good if not the best physiotherapist in the land. Was it an exaggeration?!… None whatsoever, for after putting me the on the right path to recovery; over two decades now; for a long while to come found myself seeking her help yet again and travel from London to her clinic, near Oxford, dropping all other Physio’s. And yes, I am much better thanks to her expertise and dedication. Simply no one does like or better than her. Thank you, Felicity.”
Nana Tan
“Felicity has been my physiotherapist for three years. During this period, she tailored a programme of treatment and exercise to suit my specific needs. She understood my capabilities and has only moved me forward when I’ve been ready. During a long period of relapse, Felicity remained steadfast and calm. She adjusted my program, manually treated the problem areas, and now I am coming through and making progress again. I couldn’t have achieved this without her help and guidance”.