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Our Approach

At Brightwell Physiotherapy we provide skilled treatment that relieves pain at the same time as delivering a long-term solution for patients’ well-being in conjunction with tailored rehabilitation.  We can also help you navigate the sometimes baffling interplay between doctors, specialists and insurance companies that can come between you and a positive outcome.

Brightwell Physiotherapy was established in 2012 by Felicity Peach, MSc, MCSP, MMACP.  With an ethos of using the highest standards of treatment combined with education to help patients help themselves, Brightwell Physiotherapy obtains excellent results for its clients. 

We adopt a holistic approach to getting patients the outcomes they desire, contributing to your recovery with more than just assessment and treatment – whether that is with advice on charting a path through the health system or by linking with other therapists involved in your care. Indeed we have our own links to other practitioners such as and masseur therapists to bringing you back to your best health.

The practice helps patients deal with a wide variety of issues. We treat pain caused by accidents or conditions ranging from joint issues through to long-term, intractable problems.  We restore wellbeing and fitness following medical operations or long-term illness. We prevent the recurrence of pain or injury by providing patients with skills and strategies to continue their rehab independently.

Brightwell Physiotherapy offers services for sports and activity clubs and also for businesses to prevent work-related problems which have compromised staff health.

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