Felicity Peach has many years experience as a Physiotherapist.  Seven years in London’s prestigious teaching hospitals were followed by a post graduate masters degree in musculo-skeletal-neuro physiotherapy at UCL, and MACP after which she was snapped up by a Specialist Harley Street private practice.

Having moved to Oxfordshire to raise her family, Felicity established her own private practice in 2012.

Felicity’s postgraduate course gave her a very different, more holistic approach to treatment.  She was able to develop these skills working with patients many of which were West End dancers, professional footballers and musicians while in Harley Street.

The lessons learned in patterns of movement and an instinctive feel for muscle, joint and spinal motion meant that Felicity developed an exceptional ability to see beyond the symptoms to the bio-mechanical source of the problems – and to treat them.

If treatment is the first step to recovery, enabling patients to manage and improve their own situation is the next vital component. Felicity’s ability to convey how and why a patient’s own actions – be that exercise, stretching, tweaking habits or environment – can improve their outcomes, ensures that improvement and recovery is an on-going process. And she works closely with other experts including personal trainers, yoga and pilates instructors to find an individualised path that will bring maximum benefit to patients. 

Beyond this, private practice has taught Felicity that tackling physical symptoms and causes of pain are not always the full story in achieving wellness. For complex issues, navigating public and private health systems as well as health insurance can cause confusion, so her expertise in helping and advising on the available options can be invaluable.

Her ethos is to improve and maintain optimal mobility and restore stability specific to patients needs.  Delivering  treatment that relieves pain at the same time as providing a long-term solution for patients’ well-being. 

Felicity established her own private practice in Oxfordshire following periods working first in Henley-on-Thames and then Drayton.  Felicity also has strong links with St. Lukes Hospital, Oxford. http://www.stlukeshosp.co.uk