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Rehab and Prehab

Sometimes the road back from a painful condition can be arduous.  Our aim is to set you on that road as quickly as possible and to give you the strategies and knowledge you need to take control of your own recovery. We also understand that sometimes the challenge is not just a physical one and work to address all the challenges involved in getting you better.


Whether it is getting you back to full health after an operation or after an injury, we offer the treatment and support you need.  We find that it is not only the physical treatment which helps but also the guidance on how to look after yourself.  Often, our experience of seeing others through similar rehab processes and the subsequent ability to offer advice and bring perspective to your situation provides an added dimension to facilitating recovery.


Prevention is better than cure!  If you know ahead of time that you have an operation coming up, there is a lot that you can do to lay the groundwork for a speedy recovery.  We help in this prehab process by identifying potential hindrances to recovery and dealing with them before surgery makes them important. We also arm you with the knowledge that you need to get yourself into ideal shape for recovery before surgery and an understanding of what will be required afterwards.