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Our joints are a wonder of bio-mechanical engineering.  The complex interplay between muscles, ligaments, tendons, joint surfaces, nerves and bones gives us a fantastic range of movement, which we can take for granted – until we lose it. Shoulders become frozen, elbows develop painful movement, hands, knees and hips become stiff.

At Brightwell Physiotherapy we identify and treat the root cause, provide you with targeted exercises to maintain your improvements and make you aware of factors that might be contributing to the onset of pain so that you can recover and remain pain free.

Treating joints can be complex, since the cause of the problem can be far-removed from the pain: foot problems can cause hip or back pain; necks can be the source of elbow pain.  Years of experience means that we can identify and treat the immediate cause of pain as well as any underlying contributing factors. This leads to long-term relief from pain. And we will make sure that you understand what you can do for yourself to minimize joint pain.