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Injuries can cause pain for a short time, for weeks or sometimes, if not properly resolved, injuries can continue to give discomfort and restrict your lifestyle for months or even years.  We treat the full spectrum of injuries, but we have a particularly good track record in addressing long-term, intractable problems.

Backs and Necks

Backs and necks are the injuries that we see most frequently. Fortunately, they are also the injuries with which we have most success. From disk problems to whiplash, they are the source of significant and ongoing discomfort. They are the injuries that you can point to and say, it happened when I tried to lift something I shouldn’t have. They are also the injuries that bring on pain suddenly and mysteriously with no obvious cause. And they are the injuries that leave you unable to properly move, walk, sit, stand or lie!

Identifying the root causes of these injuries is key – tissue damage, power imbalances, hidden tightness, muscular weakness.  Often these causes are not obvious and need searching out. This is where many years of experience on top of extensive training pays off. Once the cause of the injury is identified, a combination of treatment, education and strategies will mean you get better, and understand how to stay better.

We keep up-to-date with the latest techniques and research, which amply demonstrate that well-directed, dynamic movement achieves quicker and longer lasting results than bed-rest and staying still.

Sprains, Strains and Breaks

Sporting strains; trips and falls; breaks and tears – all will cause pain on their own account, and many can lead to secondary problems if not properly treated and rehabilitated, delivering relief from discomfort and avoiding more associated, longer-term problems and is one of our targets.