The Year of Change, grasping the digital platform.

In the penultimate month of the year I am making another step to enhance my digital presence, to enable a more efficient communication to patients and onto social media to guide them along the path to a fuller active health.

Luckily I have a seat on this packed train from Birmingham International to Oxfordshire. It’s been a great day at Therapy Expo 18, listening to leading lecturers, watching demonstrations of new innovations and networking with colleagues in the therapy world.

There is so much knowledge bursting inside me, the grey matter is truly expanding, ready to enhance my practice.

Did you know about the REPEATED BOUT EFFECT whereby, for example,

A game of squash leaves you sore the next day and even more sore the day after.

But the good bit is that if you wait a week and play again, the soreness after the second game of squash WILL BE LESS. 👍

What a bargain, get out there and be active. Or call Brightwell Physiotherapy for further guidance 01491 834622.

Written by Felicity Peach

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