“A programme of treatment and exercise to suit my specific needs”

“Felicity has been my physiotherapist for three years. During this period, she tailored a programme of treatment and exercise to suit my specific needs. She understood my capabilities and has only moved me forward when I’ve been ready.

During a long period of relapse, Felicity remained steadfast and calm. She adjusted my program, manually treated the problem areas, and now I am coming through and making progress again. I couldn’t have achieved this without her help and guidance”.


“I am much better thanks to Felicity’s expertise and dedication”

“When I was introduced to Felicity I’ve been promised a very good if not the best physiotherapist in the land. Was it an exaggeration?!… None whatsoever, for after putting me the on the right path to recovery; over two decades now; for a long while to come found myself seeking her help yet again and travel from London to her clinic, near Oxford, dropping all other Physio’s. And yes, I am much better thanks to her expertise and dedication. Simply no one does like or better than her. Thank you, Felicity,”.

Nana Tan